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Superstar Hero All For You

We both know you aren't going to read much more than this sentence. However, here's the skinny:

Born in Toronto, Canada.  Live in New York City, United States.  Proud Canadian.  Proud Immigrant.  Not into politics too much.  More into myself.  Whoelse makes a blog about things they do and like?

Growing up I spent the summers in Central Ontario learning the ways of the wild.  Hiking, tripping (nope not that kind), swimming in lakes and rivers.  There was that time in Alberta we were hiking with horses and crossed the continental divide.  Irony is gaming is HUGE FUN!!!

You'll meet them.  My friends are misfits, wiedos, and typicals.  Basically people I've met traveling the world.  Cambodia to Israel, to Cuba and Macedonia... been there, and probably there too.  Usually a fly rod is the AMEX today... Don't leave home without it.

You see before you the prototypical GenX kid.  Survived the Crack Epidemic, AIDS, nuclear destruction. 9/11, mullets, and politicians.

Everybody needs music. This one's fav's include in no order, The Beastie Boys, The Clash, Neil Young, RUSH, The Specials, and so many more.  OMG so many more bands.

BTW you'll have to excuse any spelling, grammar, punctuation, and any nonsensical errors.  When you read something and it goes off someplace it's supposed to however, ADHD (grew up with a remote control clicker in my hand) it's probably because of that, but not that.  K?


Life Level
Good Book Reader
Pitmaster Master
Gamer Proficiency
Movie Mogul
A Fly Fisherman