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Ephman has found the need to come out of blogging retirement to comment on this Occupy Wall Street thingie that's bene going on.  So you know it's gotta to be really bothering him.   For the most part the movement is a joke.  OK there he's said it.  Occupy Wall Street is a pathetic with no real change coming from it.  But what can really make the movement something?  Ephman's got some advice to them.


February has to be the strangest month of the year. It's like the Tuesday of months. It's schizo, does it have 28 days or 29 days? It's got this odd silent “R”. And what kind of holiday is Nation Pet Dental Health Month? It's just such a strange month, do we really even need it?


Ephman has the prediction skills of the Amazing Kreskin, and the crazy smarts of Grigory Perelman. So this year (it still being 2010) he will predict the craziness that will ensue for 2011. Some of these things might amaze you, they might surprise you, but most definitely they will maybe make you think WTF? These are the consequences to knowing the future...


Cambodia is totally like the wild west of Indochina. This country has had its ups and definitely it's downs. But the most important thing is that it's such a wonderful country to visit. And you should go before it either implodes or turns into another Thailand. The people... oh my gosh they are way too nice, it sort of freaked Ephman out. He's not used to that.


Ephman headed off to Las Vegas, Nevada for a little climbing.  And while hanging out at Desert Rock Sports, was told about Dark Shadows.  A classic Red Rocks route.  Hey, it was in the shade, and shade is good while in Vegas, right?


 Ephman's done it... He's maintained a blog for a year.  Ok fine, so there's been a week here or a week there that he didn't post anything.  Whatever.  It's still a year and Ephman is still alive and growing.  And he's out of diapers too!  What a year it's been.



Here are the best most romantic songs to use on your wedding day.  This list was carefully compiled and studied, and tested.  These songs are truly the most honest.  Really think about it for a second.  A report from the Enrichment Journal said 41% of all first marriages in America, end up in divorce.

It's auto show touring season again. One thing that is sadly missing these days from the autoworld, are bad ass cars. Yep. Most people think that a bad ass car must be a muscle car... that is not the case. In the world of happy smilie gas sipping cars, the bad ass car is left behind. But there is a place for these cars, mostly in your hearts.


Everybody loves a good startup. Partly because of the stories of how they got started, or partly because they're just cool stuff. But the main reason Ephman thinks people love startups is that they want to believe they discovered them. Here's a few that might actually make it...



Ephmans' been around a TON of tech in life.  Some would even say Ephman made them think about technology in ways they've never thought about it before.  And that's the reason he doesn't blog about tech that much.  "Leave it to them there tech bloggers." Ephman's been known to say


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What is it about these totally awesome road warriors?  These people have guts of steel.   Even people that walk down the city streets have to always keep an eye out.  But these guys fly around at 40 km/h.  Are they truly insane?  No... but still.

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This video isn't so much making fun of this moron, as it a public service announcement.  OK fine, it's a little bit about making fun of this lady.  But come on doesn't she deserve it?  Please people don't end up like her... in the fountain.  Text responsibly. 

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Ted "The Golden Voice" Williams isn't the only New Yorker making the video rounds these days.  Another homeless guy is too.  And a rat that decides his face is a great place to run all around on.  Poor homeless guy... we all gotta feel for the dude.


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Wed, 2011-02-16

Ephman has no idea what to expect here.  Based on title alone, he thinks it's a pretty optimistic play.  It's another one of those things that he's "dragged" to by his wife.  But for the most part Kawen has good taste.  So he's looking forward to it, in a way.

Sun, 2011-04-10

Ephman doesn't care what you think.  RUSH is arguably a rock powerhouse.  We know they don't the recognition like Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, or even U2.  And for a pure RUSH fan that's fine.  We know what we know and we know they stand on par with those huge mega-bands.

Tue, 2011-05-03

City Winery is one of Ephman's favorite venues... but he guesses you know that already.  So when Bruce Cockburn announced a date there... Ephman was all in for the Cockburn.  Get your rocket launchers ready, this could be a good one!